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Why You Might Need Temporary Housing

Moving out of state temporarily has little in common with moving to another state permanently to begin a new life there. However, in both cases you may need temporary accommodations.

Moving To Temporary Housing For The Period Between Arriving In A New Area And Finding A Permanent Home There

For one reason or another (end of the rental lease, sale of an old property, start of a new job on a specific date, etc.), you may be forced to move out of your previous home and to relocate to your new city before you have arranged permanent living accommodations for you and your family. If this is the case, temporary housing when moving may prove to be the best navigational tool for your relocation.

 Temporary housing is nothing short of a bridge to your future!

  • Moving before you have chosen your new homeMoving to a place where you know nobody, in completely different surroundings and unfamiliar community may be indeed stressful and confusing. You need to carefully research your new area – the standards of living, the available opportunities and the different districts in your new city. Choosing the right neighborhood for you and your family requires time to get an idea of the overall spirit of the city, to find out where exactly you would enjoy living in terms of housing prices, crime and safety, infrastructure, proximity to amenities, distance to your workplace and your kids’ school, health care centers and available recreational activities and entertainment options, etc. Making hasty decisions often results in mistakes and regrets – you are advised to talk to the locals and find out any relevant information about the specific area and to look for any warning signs of a bad or undesirable neighborhood. Being able to visit the place at different times of the day and week, or even better – to actually live there for a while, will allow you to experience the real atmosphere in the community and to decide which neighborhood is better suited to your needs. Then you can proceed to choose a place to buy or rent that will correspond to your lifestyle and will turn into your dream home.
  • Moving before your new home is ready. This is a common scenario – when selling your old home, it’s not always possible to negotiate everything in such a way that your future home is ready for you by the day the new owners need/want to move in your previous property. Even if you have already located your new home and your move has been properly scheduled, the place you have just bought may be in dire need of repair works or it may just not match your designer visions, so that you decide to embark on an urgent renovation project. The previous renters may not have yet moved out or some emergency may take you by surprise and prevent you from moving in on the previously considered date. Whatever the circumstances, in case your new home is not ready to be occupied on Moving day, you will need to search for temporary residence.

Moving Out Temporarily

When you know that you are going to eventually return to your home, all your preparations, as well as the moving procedures, will be completely different. You will still need temporary housing for a certain time interval but under different conditions and specific requirements.

 East or west, home is best!

  • Temporary relocation for work – when temporarily relocating in connection to your work, you will certainly not move all your household belongings and in most of the cases, you will probably not move your family either. In the event of a short-term assignment, your employer may provide you with living accommodations and pay for the move, so you should have little to worry about. Even if it’s up to you to organize your job-related move, a prolonged stay in a hotel is often the most convenient option and it rules out most of the relocation problems. All you need to pack is a suitcase with your personal essentials. However, if your assignment is going to last for several years, you may want to search for temporary housing appropriate for your entire family to move into. In this case, you may consider renting your permanent home and taking most of your personal possessions with you or storing them for the period while you are away. The services of trustworthy movers will certainly come very handy in such a situation – they can provide safe storage for the items you are not going to need temporarily and they can move you to your destination place and back (even with a discount!) when the time comes.
  • Moving to study – when moving for college, especially if you are going to live on campus, the list of items to pack and tasks to complete is limited to taking care of your documents and preparing the personal possessions that will help you in your study and in your life away from home. If you are moving off-campus, you will probably need more things but yet the process should not be very complicated – just grab the essentials and enjoy your freedom! Your parents will be there to support you and help you at every step and all the items you don’t need will stay safe in your family home.
  • Moving while your home is being repaired – if you come up with a major renovation project, you may need to vacate your home for a certain period of time. You will have to find temporary housing for your family and storage for your items while the upgrade is complete. This will definitely be just a move across town but it has its own specifics and you have various factors to take into consideration.
  • Moving to provide help or to take care of something – a close friend or a relative of yours may be in a situation when they need your help, especially for medical reasons. If you need to move closer to a person in need, you will probably only take some essentials and will leave your real home as it is, waiting for your return. The situation is similar (as far as moving is considered) if you need to stay in a different city for some time to arrange paperwork or some legal issues. You will still need temporary housing but you will not move your own household.

These radically different reasons to search for temporary accommodations will define how to plan your move accordingly


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