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Why You Might Need Temporary Housing

Moving out of state temporarily has little in common with moving to another state permanently to begin a new life there. However, in both cases you may need temporary accommodations.

Moving To Temporary Housing For The Period Between Arriving In A New Area And Finding A Permanent Home There

For one reason or another (end of the rental lease, sale of an old property, start of a new job on a specific date, etc.), you may be forced to move out of your previous home and to relocate to your new city before you have arranged permanent living accommodations for you and your family. If this is the case, temporary housing when moving may prove to be the best navigational tool for your relocation.

 Temporary housing is nothing short of a bridge to your future! (more…)

48 of the Hottest Things To Do in Charlotte this Summer

Charlotte’s sunny summer landscape beckons locals and visitors to get out and explore. From foodie expeditions to fun in the water and everything in between, we’ve put together the ultimate Queen City summer checklist for Charlotte-area adventurers. See how many you can check off the list and share with us on social media using #charlottesgotalot.    


Confessions of a Packing Expert: 9 Business Travel Hacks

Gillian Morris is the founder and CEO of Hitlist, an app that alerts you when there are cheap flights for places you want to go. Morris travels constantly — unsurprising for a travel startup founder — and we’re sharing her business travel hacks. Starting with one of the most important ways that she’s able to do it and keep her sanity — by carrying the tiniest bag you’ve ever seen.


11 Strategies for More Efficient Business Travel

Whether you’re in sales or you’re an entrepreneur trying to make new connections, travel is a big part of your life as a professional. It only makes sense that how you spend time traveling can have a massive impact on your productivity, as well as your personal health and well-being.

To get the most out of your trips you need to learn how to travel efficiently. These 11 strategies are just some of the ways you can do that.


18 Powerful Strategies to Avoid Travel Burnout

Travel burnout is something that usually hits after you’ve been on the road for a while, though that ‘while’ is very elastic. Some people suffer from burnout within weeks of leaving home, and for others it may take years.

However long it takes, chances are it will strike you at some point, especially if you’re traveling solo for any length of time.

The excitement of being on the road begins to dim, along with your curiosity and enchantment.

Don’t fret – this happens to nearly all of us!

18 fabulous strategies for chasing away those travel burnout blues


Making a Temporary Apartment Feel Like Home

Living in a space with an expiration date on it is kind of a funny thing. Let’s say you’ve relocated for a job, and your new employer is putting you up in a temporary apartment while you find a more permanent home to settle into. Maybe your old house sold faster than expected, and you can’t move into your new one yet –- or perhaps you’re just in town for a few weeks or months for an assignment or obligation and need short-term housing, only to get the heck out of dodge once your time there is through.


10 Tips to Help You Win Every Negotiation

No matter whether you often handle negotiations for business, or negotiating the sale of your home, it “pays” to have strong negotiating skills. We’re sharing this article from Forbes to help us all brush up!


Being a good negotiator can make a big difference in your career. It can help you earn more money (by negotiating a better starting salary or a raise), a higher title (by negotiating a promotion) or even budget money (to take on a prominent project). How good are you at negotiating?


Job Relocation? 8 Tips to Make Your Move a Success

We understand the stresses of traveling for work for extended periods, and then possibly a relocation that changes your whole environment.  We’re sharing this article from Forbes to help you get a head-start if a job relocation is in your future, and to help you feel more secure in the big move.


10 Tips to Make the Most of Temporary Housing

Moving when your job requires it is hard enough, but what happens when you’re forced to opt for temporary housing between more permanent dwellings? It is possible to stay calm, organized and not get caught up in a host of unanticipated problems. The secret is planning your move and knowing what you’re getting into before you get to your new destination.



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